Sunday, June 28, 2009

Very Weird Weekend...Who Is This?

So I came home early on Friday to take our 17-year-old cat to the vet, worrying the whole way home that I was going to have to have him put to sleep, only to find when I got home that my beloved 5-year-old cat Gus had been killed by a car that morning.

I still took Boot, the 17-year-old, to the vet -- and he's fine -- only now I was also taking Gus's body with me.

I've spent all weekend grieving for Gus, and my husband and I solemnly decided that we'll have no more cats. It's just too hard.

So who's this?

I went out to the unfinished part of the workshop this afternoon to start working on figuring out where to put the stuff left over from moving. I rearranged a lot of things, then spent about 45 minutes in the house to cool off. When I took my husband back in there to see what I had done, we found this cat.

We've never seen her before. She appears to be 6-12 months old, very sweet, and used to human contact. We're guessing that someone dropped her off during the 45 minutes I was in the house.

How weird is that? We've fed and watered her, and we'll call around to see if she belongs to someone around here, but I don't think she does. If she's truly a stray, we'll get her fixed, if she isn't already, and she'll be our new barn cat. No one can replace Gus, but we can't turn away someone who needs help.

Life is truly strange sometimes....
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  1. Cats know when they are needed.....I have had several appear at just the right time.

    She is pretty.


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