Monday, June 1, 2009

Annie Oakley's First Ride

Annie Oakley must have had a first ride, right? She probably wasn't 50 at the time, though.

Today was the day. Gus's owner brought me a saddle and bridle, but she didn't have time to show me how to put it on, so it's been sitting in the not being the intrepid type who would just throw it on and start riding.

Fortunately, our builder's nephew is as nice as a guy as you'd want to meet, and he loves to ride, so he said he'd show me.

He says Gus isa really nice, gentle horse, which is obviously great for me. He rode him around a little bit, and then it was my turn. I warned him that it wasn't going to be a pretty sight when I got on, and it wasn't. Oddly enough, all the pictures of that portion of our show got accidentally destroyed when I downloaded the pictures. What a shame.

But then I was on, and it was fun! Gus was a perfect gentleman, and did whatever I asked him to do....sometimes when I wasn't even aware I was asking him to do it.

We took a little walk around the pasture.

It was great fun. Now I'm going to practice for a while in the pasture, then take him out along the road. There are all kinds of logging trails around here, and I'm hoping I'll find one whose owner doesn't mind me using it for the occasional ride.

My husband is so sweet. He's been picking up the manure all this time, without ever knowing for sure if I would actually ever get up the courage to ride Gus. I wasn't sure either, so today's a very happy day for both of us.
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