Monday, June 22, 2009

1200 Lbs Worth of Friendly

My husband decided to take a walk around the pond yesterday evening. He went through the gate and set off down the path, when he heard the sounds of pounding hooves. He looked up to see Gus the horse running toward him.

Gus came to a stop in front of him, so he petted him for a moment, then continued his walk. Gus fell into step beside him and began to accompany him. My husband kept waiting for Gus to walk away but when he didn't, he gave up, put his arm around Gus's shoulders and so they walked all the way around the pond.

That sounds so cute...until you think about those big old horse feet right next to your (relatively) small human feet. Ah, not so cute now, is it?

The other day we went for a walk around the pond, and got behind the ducks, who decided that we were chasing them. They ran full scramble ahead of us in a panic for half the length of the pond until it finally occurred to their pea-size little brains that....wait for it....they can SWIM. Ah ha - a way to escape the evil human monsters! And in they went.

It was so funny walking behind them, with them running faster and faster, and casting anxious glances at us behind them.

I mean, we feed them every day. How scary can we be? (Don't answer that -- Chain Saw Man doesn't want to hear it.)
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