Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Unstable Environment...

There's a town called Edgefield about 20 miles to the north of us. If we look over the forest past the pond, we can see the sky over Edgefield.

We've been joking about Edgefield, because whenever there's an unstable-looking cloud in the sky, it's over Edgefield.

Like this one....it's the only cloud in the sky tonight, and I can hear thunder in it. It's over...you guessed it....Edgefield.

The other evening around sunset, there was again one cloud in the whole sky. It was over Edgefield. It was backlit by the sunset, and there was sheet lightning in it. The lightning turned red from the reflected glow of the sunset. It was truly spooky.

Edgefield scares me a little bit. It seems like a perfectly nice town when you drive through it. We've even had very good pizza in its downtown.

But something's going on there....[shiver]....
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