Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ben Gets His Head Stuck

My husband went down to the run-in shed this morning to pick up the manure, and Miss Emma, our mother goat, ran up to him crying. Just then, he heard a goat screaming in the shed. He ran in.....and found Ben, our half-grown male Boer goat, with his head stuck in the gate. He had been trying to reach the food, which is of course not reachable, and got stuck.

I don't have pictures of the actual event, so you'll just have to imagine it.

Ben is screaming. His mother is anxiously pacing. Gus the horse is staring at him with...what? Concern? Interest? Disdain?

John reached down, gently tilted Ben's head sideways, and pulled him out. A minute later, all's right with the world.

I have to say it: Ben is an idiot. And he doesn't seem to be getting any smarter as he gets older.

But he's so sweet. I wonder how much longer he'll stay cute?

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