Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Chain Saw Comes In Handy

I've blogged previously about our new chain saw purchase. Having a chain saw is, of course, a normal thing for people out where we live, and probably for many people in the suburbs, but it's something new for us. We lived overseas in apartments for 10 years before coming here. Having a chain saw in an apartment is pretty much the definition of a serial killer, isn't it? Having no need to dismember dead bodies, we had no chain saw.

So my husband said we needed a chain saw now and got one. I was reluctant because, man, those things are scary. (Remember the 'you'll shoot your eye out' movie? That's pretty much my attitude to chain saws.)

But then came the storm. And down went the trees. Here's a nice little dead tree doing its best to take our new fence down.

Chain Saw Man to the rescue!

Unfortunately, he had to go in our neighbor's yard to finish the job. (Shhh.) This picture is blurry so it can't be used as evidence in court. (Actually, the neighbors won't mind at all. Not that they would ever know, unless of course some idiot posts pictures of it on the web.)

I'm glad he saved the fence. I still don't like chain saws, though.
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