Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Attack of the Hummingbirds

We put a hummingbird feeder out front the other day because the two hummingbird feeders in the back have been getting overwhelmed. Now we're getting bombarded by hummingbirds out front as well.

We had a landscaper over a couple of days ago. He was walking around making drawings, using a red clipboard, and he said the hummingbirds were dive-bombing him.

Here are some visuals of the fights. There are only two hummingbirds in this picture, but I've seen as many as five fighting over this feeder.

I saw a really weird fight yesterday. One male hummingbird was using the feeder, while another attacked it in great, swooping arcs, making an odd, almost cooing sound as it neared its rival in the middle of each arc. I've never heard a hummingbird make that sound before.

We've been having hummingbirds since about April. My husband saw one, figured it was a scout, and set the first feeder out. Voila! -- we became Hummingbird Central.

Hmmm, I wonder if in hummingbird culture, we're thought of as pushers? ("Pssst! Here, little guy, come try some of this sugar water. It'll make you feel reeeaaaal good.")
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