Sunday, January 10, 2010

This Isn't Supposed to Happen Here

It was 16 degrees last night, and the pond froze. This is SOUTH CAROLINA. We're not supposed to have frozen ponds.

When we bought the house, my husband asked the owner, who's lived in the area his whole life, if the pond ever froze. He said confidently, "Oh, that could never happen here."

We didn't think it would happen either, because the pond is spring-fed, so always has water moving through it. It didn't occur to us that...duh...the springs would freeze.

That's the first time Irving has seen ice. All around the pond, the small springs feeding it are iced over. Irving put a paw out to walk on it, then thought better of it, and padded all the way around. I'm sorry to admit that I had the camera ready to capture his first experience walking on ice, but it was not to be.

Only about a third of the pond froze, so the ducks still have plenty of space, but the frozen part near the shore was thick enough that I could stand on it (briefly and cautiously).

I love how the ice swirled in the frozen parts, probably because of that moving water.

It's beautiful, but I'm ready for spring.
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  1. And we are warming up again. It's 34 right now. Weird weather to say the least....

  2. Wow, it's just amazing that your area is warmer than ours!

  3. Irving's fuzz face looks like he is in either total befuddlement or disgust! You have to be warming up soon, we finally made it into the 20's today and this will be the first night we aren't 6 degrees or below 0 since New Year's night! The pictures of the pond are cool!

  4. I think it was befuddlement. I'm heard him whimpering a little when he couldn't figure out what that funny cold stuff was...

    It does feel a little warmer today. I can't wait!


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