Monday, January 4, 2010

It's Not Supposed To Be This Cold Here!

It was 12 degrees here in sunny South Carolina this morning. We're down on the border with Georgia, and it's just not supposed to be this cold here. I know those of you in the north of the country get this all the time, but we're not set up for it down here.

Yesterday morning one of our well water pipes froze. We ran around in a panic, with no idea what to do. My husband finally took a hair dryer to it and got the water started again. We went out to the store to get insulation for it, and came back to find the electricity out. Fortunately, that didn't last for long. I can imagine that people all over this area are suffering from broken water pipes and broken heaters, so we definitely got off lucky.

The goats' water was so frozen this morning that my husband had to take a hammer to it. (We're still looking for a water bucket warmer to keep this from happening. Apparently they're not big sellers in this area.)

Hope everyone out there is staying safe and warm!
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  1. And we are having weather that is much WARMER than usual. sells heated water buckets. I just got this one
    to replace one of ours that died.

    Might not be worth it for you if you don't get freezing all that often.
    If your well freezes again you can pour boiling water on it - that's what we used to do in NJ

  2. Thanks! I'm going to have a look at it.

  3. We are pretty cold here too. Bet those little squirrels up in those sloppy leaf nests in your trees had a rude awakening! We have friends in North Carolina that woke up to no water today. It is just a whole ball of wrong for the Carolina's to have temps that cold! We all have to get out of this deep freeze soon. It makes me cranky and Country Husband hates when I get cranky :) Stay warm Statch!

  4. I hate the cold! I've been saying I never want to live north of here again. I just didn't know that the north was going to come to me! :->


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