Friday, January 1, 2010

Experimenting with Irving

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I'm not actually experimenting with Irving, but with pictures. (You probably guessed that, right?) I learned how to make my pictures bigger on the blog, but now they don't show up on the my blog feed in Facebook, so I'm trying a different method to see if that works.

Doesn't Irving the cat look healthy? And by healthy, of course I mean...fat. Why don't people say I look healthy when my weight goes up? It's just not fair. But he is fat and healthy, and I'm so glad, after all his trials and tribulations when we first got him.


  1. He's fluffy...fluffy. Not fat. Fluffy
    Happy New Year

  2. Yes! But it's amazing how hard it is to look fluffy when you're not..furry.

  3. Irving's fuzz face is too cute for words. I love kittens with mittens. I also think Irving thinks having his picture taken is cool!


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