Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sun Shines...

The sun is actually shining here in South Carolina today, after several cold and rainy days. I know what we've had is nothing compared to a lot of the rest of the country, but the sun feels really good anyway. Halley, the white cat above, was sunning herself on the porch...until Irving came along, at least. They may look peaceful in the picture, but trust me, her peace will not last.

The goats were peaceful too, lying calmly in the sun. Until I stepped out to take their picture, of course. I always forget that our presence signals treats of some kind, so my goat pictures normally look something like this.

Or this....I didn't manage to catch her tongue darting out to taste the camera, drat it.

As I write this, they're back lying down in the pasture, but will I ever get that picture? Nooooo....

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