Sunday, January 24, 2010

Please Play With Irving...Somebody...Anybody!

Irving the cat has been a playing maniac lately. This morning my husband tried to use the wand toy to play with him, but Irving didn't seem to understand how to play with it, so my husband dropped it and went to get his coffee. A minute later, we heard the sound of the wand toy being dragged through the house after him, then Irving appeared with the toy in his mouth...and Halley stalking him. She wants to play but doesn't quite know how to do it.

Irving dragged the toy to my husband, dropped it, and waited expectantly. Poor's coffee time, and no sane being gets in the way of human coffee time.

Later, Irv.
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  1. Hey I like your fat cat on the bookshelf, of course I think Halley and Irving are pretty cool cats too! love the kitty print and all the garden and horse books :) Country Cat used to walk around with one of those feather wand things same way. Feather in mouth dragging the string and wand between her legs behind her. One of these days Halley is gonna figure out how to play with Irving or vice versa and boy is it going to be crazy at your house!!!

  2. It already is crazy! They chase each other around, but she gets spooked easily and goes outside a lot.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your photos, and your ducks!

  4. Sherpa is the same way. Play, play play! NOW!

  5. Thanks, Carolyn! I really enjoyed visiting yours too!

    Pricilla, don't you wonder why it's so important to them? :->


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