Friday, January 29, 2010

Duck, Duck...Goose

My husband got a couple of great closeup photos of our Muscovy duck, Corky. I love the green and blue plumage with that bright red beak.

In the picture below you can see the claws on his foot. Pretty impressive, huh? This is one duck I wouldn't want to meet up with in a dark alley.

I wouldn't want to be a female duck around him either. Let's just say that we may get some odd-colored ducklings at some point. Below is a picture of the gang in all their variety. You can see he's bigger than the others, and he doesn't hesitate to take advantage of that.

And the first Canada geese have reappeared! Does that mean spring is near? The goats aren't happy about it. Emma chased the geese away last night, though they were probably just ready to leave anyway.

We've had as many as 18 Canada geese at one time before, last year when the one pair had the goslings. They're beautiful, but leave the pasture a mess...though the goats don't exactly have any room to talk about that...
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