Sunday, January 17, 2010

Still Life With Irving

Doesn't Irving look dignified? Unfortunately, the picture lies. Right after I took it, he looked down at me, whimpered, and then tried to come to me on the steep, wet slope of the wooden railing leading down the stairs.

I grabbed him just in time to keep him from tumbling 15 feet to the ground, whereupon he immediately started playing with a string hanging from my robe. Then we fought over which chair I got to sit on.

The ironic thing is that I'll probably be sad when he grows up and stops acting like an overgrown kitten.
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  1. Statch Irving looks dignified and HUGE! And I don't think it is just the angle of the camera or your wonderful big blog pics. I think Irving is going to be a big Kitty :) I won't even be asking who won the fight for the chair!

  2. He is definitely growing! I was away for a few days this week, and I think he grew just while I was gone.

  3. Irving does look so in control there but I know what you mean about pictures. My big fluffy cat, Lionel, looks like he would just love to be held and cuddled. Not! He loves to be petted but is he decided long ago he was not a lap cat.
    Love you pictures.The pond photo in the previous post is just beautiful.
    Have a great day.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Pam. I love your blog!


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