Sunday, January 17, 2010

Claw-Footed Duck Vs. Small White Cat

Aren't birds supposed to be afraid of cats? I guess when you're a huge Muscovy duck with freaking claws on your feet, you can defy the natural order of things.

What you can't see in the picture below as Corky the duck approaches the gate is that there are bins full of cracked corn at the base of the wall between him and Halley, our small white cat.

The lure of the corn is clearly stronger than the fear of our little white predator. She appears to be certain that she's going to eating duck a la Corky soon. Is a duck-cat confrontation next?

Alas, no. Corky sat there and ate corn for about five minutes while Halley loomed over him, then he sauntered away.

Poor little cat can't get no respect.
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  1. Halley is lookin' at you with a face like all "what the heck just happened?, did ya see what just happened?". I am a little skeered of those big yellow duck feet and I am no where close!! Fun series of pictures!


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