Thursday, May 7, 2009

Scratch Stupor

'Scratch stupor' is the technical term for what these ducks and Canada geese are suffering from.

Well, actually, I just made the term up, but it's what happens to waterfowl when they eat too much scratch, which is a commercial waterfowl food you buy from the store. They let out their belts a couple of notches, and sit around in a stupor.

Now picture this....these ducks and geese have a 2-acre pond, full of algae, insects, vegetation -- all the good, natural things waterfowl are supposed to love to eat.

Instead they gorge on store-bought food.

Stupid waterfowl...

On the other hand, they have a pond full of natural food....and we go buy expensive commercial food for them, just because they seem to like it.

Stupid city people....
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