Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Happy Planting

There are few things I enjoy more than planting! As I mentioned in the last post, here are the other plants I bought at Caroliniana. The two in the pots below are Joe-Pye Weed. You may think this is odd -- and really, it probably is -- but I have been dying to get my hands on Joe-Pye Weed for a long time. It's supposed to be one of the best plants for butterflies, birds, and insects, and can used in a variety of ways. I was so excited that they had it. It's going to grow to be at least five feet tall, with beautiful flowers. I've planted it where we can see it from the front porch.

It's also an herb and is supposedly named after a native American herbalist who used it to cure fevers. (You realize that I don't actually know any of this stuff, right? I just look it up on line. Thank goodness for the Internet!)

On the left below in the black pot is another plant I've been wanting for a long time: butterfly weed. Not to be confused with butterfly bush, butterfly weed is a native plant that butterflies supposedly go nuts for. (I bought butterfly bush last year; it was ugly as sin, and I never saw a butterfly near it. In fact, I think they were taking detours so they didn't have to go near it!)

On the right is coral honeysuckle, another native vine with pretty flowers and even better bright red berries in the fall.

Off to the right, almost out of the picture, is a set of pentas. I don't think they're native, but I had them in pots at the other house last year, and the butterflies and bees were all over them. (Since the butterfly bush was next to the pentas, it looked especially lonely.)

I can't wait to be able to show pictures of these wonderful plants blooming...
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