Friday, May 22, 2009

More Progress on the Guest Cottage...

The construction is almost done! The kitchen appliances are installed, and just a little trim work remains. That bare spot to the right of the stove will be filled with a book case. The area is designed so that if we ever want to connect the 'man cave' with the guest cottage, we can just pop through the wall and put a door in that area.

The man cave is pretty much done. Those doors are closet doors for the guest cottage, and then it just needs a good cleaning. The vinyl floor looks amazingly like tile; I'm so happy that it didn't come out looking cheap. Pool table, dart board, TV, and music equipment/storage space to follow...

The living/dining area just needs a good cleaning now, as do the bathroom and bedrooms.

Now we have to get out there and buy some beds so we can have guests!
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