Monday, May 25, 2009

I Can't Let Sleeping Cats Lie

My husband says I have this pathological fascination with sleeping cats. I can't help it -- I have to go pet and cuddle them. What he doesn't understand is that it's really not possible to wake some cats up.

This is Gus, our 5-year-old Jordanian cat. He loves it in the country. He's the big man on campus long as he stays close to the house. I don't know what he does when he stays out all night, but whatever it is, it tires him out. This morning he barely dragged himself up on the bed before he passed out. He'll be here all day, and then start to come alive...sort the evening.

I cuddled him and oohed and aahed over him, and I still got this same 'leave me alone to sleep' face.

By the way, our beds aren't normally this messy. This is the spare bed. A couple of weeks ago, Gus brought a half-grown rabbit into the house, and it got into this bedroom before we could stop it. We have a number of oriental rugs rolled up and stored under that bed, so when we couldn't find the rabbit in the room, I started frantically pulling them out and tossing them on the bed, with visions of rabbits pooping on rugs dancing in my head. I got about five of them done (they're heavy!), when my husband pointed out that the rabbit was actually under the dresser. I haven't had the heart to put them back. (We got the rabbit into a bucket and put him back outside.)

Gus likes the rugs. He thinks I put them out for him, but then he thinks everything we do is for him.
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