Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Day Planting

Yesterday I went to a wonderful nearby nursery, Nurseries Caroliniana, and had a wonderful time talking to the staff and owner. The owners have had the property since 1861, and the two brothers have been running it as a nursery for decades. What I really like is that the nursery is into native plants, and the staff is knowledgeable about them. Since I'm not knowledgeable, but want to be, it's a perfect match.

I'll show you what I bought...but will have to do it in two postings because for some reason Blogger only lets me post four pictures in one post.

This is Lavender Salvia. I planted it up front where we can see it from the front porch. Everything we bought is intended to attract birds and butterflies, whether in the larval or adult stages.

Up against the wall, next to the shovel, is a trumpet vine, a native vine that will have wonderful orange flowers. We planted some in our previous house, and not only did the hummingbirds love it, but it sprouted wonderful foot-long bean pods later in the summer.

This is orange fennel, which I got because the nursery said it supports the larval stage of some butterflies, plus it has some beautiful colors.

And this has no purpose (oops, I lied above) except to look pretty. It's a grass, Miscanthus Sinesis. She told me it was a dwarf grass; it's a good thing I read up on it before I planted it, since this 'dwarf' grows to be five feet tall! I read online that it's been planted as an ornamental grass in the States since the 1700's (and apparently can be invasive in some circumstances, but I don't expect that my front flower bed will be one of those circumstances).

More in the next post....
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