Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bye, Bye, Babies

I was showering this morning when I heard my husband calling me frantically from outside. I threw on some clothes, and went running out front, wet hair and all. There were the geese parents and the babies in our front pasture, the one by the road. My husband said they appeared to be trying to get to the road, but because our new fencing has tighter holes -- to keep predators from coming in -- they couldn't get out.

We realized that they were probably trying to get to our neighbor's pond. The man across the street has about 300 acres, with a large pond, and we understand from the neighbors that the geese may have come from there originally. They apparently had returned every year to breed, and for some reason, chose our pond this year.

They were hurting....they were walking up and down along the fence and couldn't figure out what to do. We think they had been doing it for several hours, and the babies were getting tired.

We finally got them out the gate into the front yard, and from there to the driveway, so they could choose whether to go across the street, or back down to our pond.

They chose across the street...(toward the wooden fencing)

Bye, babies. It was fun having you for a while....

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