Saturday, April 18, 2009

Catch-up Time...and Hungry Goats

Sorry it's been so long since I've written. Work has gotten the better of me this week, and I've also been working on getting pictures on to my computer.

Here's Tina, our little Shetland pony visitor, again. We finally got new fencing put in around the front pasture, which is very good timing, since they've all grazed the back pasture down to bare stems. You can see they've got a nice lush stand of grass now. (The house in the background is our neighbor's.)

Tina is going home today. Her owner is going to pick her up tonight. She's a feisty little girl, and a bit much for us to handle at this beginning stage in our knowledge of horses. She bit me this week -- just a little nip on the underside of the arm, but it didn't exactly make me more comfortable with her. The older gelding, Gus, is a sweetie, though, and he's staying.

The goats don't know what to think about the new fencing.

They're hoping it's all a big mistake and will go away soon. They're not sure why we would want to separate them from all that delicious landscaping.

Could you deny some paltry little landscaping bushes to that face? I keep telling them that Mr. Rick, the builder, paid good money for that landscaping, but they just seem to be thinking "thank you, Mr. Rick."

Down here in the South, of course, adults are Mr. and Miss -- even to goats!

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