Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gilligan Gets a 'Friend'

Well, we're finally figuring out why Gilligan is getting such a hard time from the other ducks. This being a family blog and all, I'm going to have to talk around it a bit. Please pay attention to the gender of the names, since I really don't want to have to spell out what's happening here. Not in front of the kiddies.
We have three other ducks: Walter, Gus the duck (to distinguish him from Gus the horse and Gus the cat, of course), and Miss Penny. It turns out that Walter has begun to...fancy...Gilligan. He wants to be....friends. Unfortunately, Gus the duck apparently considered Walter to be his...friend, and he doesn't appreciate Walter' Gilligan.
So we have a vicious cycle. Walter comes to sit with Gilligan. He preens him and makes it clear he wants to be friendly. Gus the duck sees this, and comes to make it clear to Gilligan that it's not happening...not on his watch. He pecks and bites Gilligan until Gilligan scurries away and settles down elsewhere. The cycle begins anew.
There are some more events in the cycle that I'm leaving out, but you can perhaps guess.
Miss Penny watches, perplexed. Poor, naive Miss Penny.

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