Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Goslings...

Some more pictures of the goslings. I'm having to use the camera's zoom to get the feature, then crop to get more details, so it's a little fuzzy....but then the goslings are a little fuzzy themselves.

Aren't they adorable?

We're so happy about this. I can't tell you how hard we tried to get ducklings on the pond at the other house. We bought four female ducks at different times. The first had some mental health issues. The last we saw her, she was walking down the middle of the road in the subdivision, quacking. She never came back. The other two got eaten by hawks. The fourth one turned out to be a male. (Oops.)

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My husband just came in to say that one of the goslings puffed out the fuzzy little stubs it calls wings and made a run at one of the peacefully drowsing ducks, which of course just ignored the little fuzzball. The ducks and the new-parent geese are co-existing just fine. It's the other geese pair that's being warned to stay away. I've been trying to read up on whether geese are actually a danger to each other's babies but haven't found anything.

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