Sunday, April 19, 2009

Grown-up Cats...

I realized that I forgot to add a picture of a grown-up Gus to his story in the earlier post. Here he is in one of the many hotel rooms he and Boot have stayed in with us during our travels. You may notice that he never lost the spots on his stomach, and he still has a penchant for that sleeping position.

Also, he and Boot did make it up, and they've become good friends.

My favorite 'hotel with cats' story was the time we checked into a hotel with the cats, and I asked the clerk behind the desk what we should do with them when the maids came each day. This particular hotel had advertised that it accepted pets. The young woman looked at me in surprise, and said, "They can't be in the room when the maids come. You'll have to take them with you every morning."
It took a while, and the manager, but we got that one straightened out.

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