Thursday, April 23, 2009

Horse Chores...

During the week, the evening is when I get time to groom Gus. Look how pretty this setting is.

It's fun to watch Gus enjoy it. I did his ears, and he leaned his head on me and closed his eyes. It's so quiet and peaceful there under the trees. Look how cute the goats are.

Doesn't this look idyllic? The contented horse, good physical exertion outdoors, cute curious goats...

Okay, here's how it really went down here in amateur-land:

I tied Gus up, using the wrong knot every time because I can't seem to get the easy breakaway knot down. I left the gate to the other pasture closed but not latched, because I thought I might want to groom him out there, then forgot when I didn't. The gate to the pasture where the goats are was open, because why not? What could happen? I got distracted grooming Gus when I noticed fly bites on his legs, so I went to get the fly spray from the shed, leaving the gate to the shed closed but not latched when I came out, because I knew I was going back in.

Could everyone but me have seen this coming?

Goats EVERYWHERE. Miss Emma goes through the gate into the wrong pasture. John comes down with sweet feed to get her back. Miss Arlene gets her head stuck in the fence trying to get to the sweet feed while I'm using it to lure Miss Emma back. We get Emma back in, Arlene's head out of the fence, and the gate closed. Little Ben then of course finds the unlatched door to the shed, where the sweet feed is. I see him just in time and make a dive for him, while Emma, his mother, baas because I'm manhandling her baby.

We shut all the gates, with everyone on the correct side of a gate. Gus just watched the whole thing.

It's weird how you can actually SEE the expression 'you're an idiot' on a horse's face.

I should mention that my only 'chore' is grooming Gus when I feel like it. My dear husband does all the manure management, makes sure there's fresh water, and watches out for him during the day. All for a horse he didn't really want in the first place. Thank you, sweetie.

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  1. Oh, dear! I like the story. Post more and I will follow you. Ü


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