Monday, April 6, 2009

Our house...

Here's a picture of our house, back in January before it was 'finished.' (Finished is in quotes because finished houses HAVE CABINET DOORS. They took ours off three weeks ago to refinish them, which apparently takes a really, really long time.)

We love the house. The builder built it from a purchased plan called 'Nantahala Lodge,' and it's designed to be up on a hill overlooking a view. Our view is of a lovely 2-acre pond, beyond which is hundreds of acres of pine forest...hopefully never to be developed.

Anyone know the disadvantage of living near a commercially operated pine forest? Well, burning is a form of forest management. The other day we saw huge plumes of smoke arising from the forest. Fortunately, we had already seen it happening in the forest down the road, and had found out what it was. The only problem is that one of the reasons we moved out here is because my husband has a lot of environmental sensitivities, including one to burning smells. He just closed up the house, put on a mask and turned on an air cleaner, and it was fine. Fingers crossed for the future.
That forest sure is pretty, though...

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