Monday, April 6, 2009

Moving to the Country

So there I was, sitting in my beautiful home in the suburbs, minding my own business, when my husband says, "The mortgage rates are coming down. Why don't we look around?" Two months later, we've moved into a 6.5-acre farmette in the country, 45 minutes from work and 15 minutes from the nearest grocery story. We have a new house overlooking a pond, two fenced pastures, a run-in shelter for animals, a small forest behind the pond, and a workshop that we're having converted to a guest space with a 'man cave' for guess-who.

It's been two months now since we moved in, and somehow we've accumulated two horses, three goats, and three ducks now to add to the two cats we brought with us.
The service that the builder used to clean the house before we moved in is owned by a lady who had an older horse she couldn't keep anymore. She loved the idea of him running free in our pasture. When she brought him, she brought a Shetland pony to keep him company while he settles in.
The plumbing company owner raises ducks for we have ducks. His son raises Boer we have goats.
Did I mention that my husband likes to talk to people? I'm a little worried that the electrician is going to turn out to raise pigs.

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