Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Snakes In the Grass....

Remember this fellow?

And I mentioned that it seemed to be following the geese-parents, who didn't seem to be paying much attention? Apparently, I was wrong.

I don't have a picture because (darn it) the camera batteries died, but we found the snake in the grass beside the pond, dead, with its head pecked through.

Beware the geese...

It's actually a shame, because it was a harmless (to humans) snake.

On the other hand, while my husband was fishing this evening, a snake hissed at him from the marshy area in the woods. It opened its mouth wide, exposing the white interior, and held a threatening posture for a moment, before gliding away. The treasure trove that is the Internet tells us it's the cottonmouth, the only poisonous water snake in North America. It seemed to be in a bad mood. Yikes.

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