Friday, July 24, 2009

Vet Call

We took new cat Halley to the vet this afternoon. He says she's probably close to a year old. She's got ear mites, worms, and fleas, but is getting treated for all of it. Everyone came in to look at her pretty markings, and commented on what a sweet girl she is.

When we brought her home, she wasn't feeling well from all the shots, etc, so we brought her in the house, and she decided to sit in the window. I got a cool picture of her and her shadow in the window.

We also brought goat poop with us to get tested for worms. (Who doesn't bring goat poop when they take their cat to the vet?)

They do have the Barber Pole worm, which isn't good news, but we were expecting it. He wants us to deworm them every two weeks for two months. He thinks they have a good chance of making it, since they still seem energetic. It was a big relief that he at least gave us hope.

After we'd been home for a bit, we also found that one of the previous owner's homing pigeons had come back and was sitting on the roof of our guest cottage. He was very confused, since it was a barn last time he was there!

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