Friday, July 31, 2009

Cat Complications

Feeding time in our household was already complicated. The horse and the goats share a pasture, so get fed at the same time.

Well, not exactly at the same time. Gus, the horse, has to eat first. Don't even try to give the goats something unless Gus has gotten his. It's too dangerous for the goats -- he kicks.

So we feed him first, then while he's distracted, we slip the goats their food, and just hope that they finish before he does. He's a slow eater, so we usually get lucky.

Enter one small cat.

She wants to be involved whenever we interact with the animals. We don't understand why, because she never gets anything out of it, but she comes running when she realizes it's feeding time.

She usually gets bored and starts to play. But she has to be nearby. Here's Arlene getting some of her favorite weeds, being watched intently by Halley.

What would we do without animals to amuse us?
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  1. You know, you always get something just when you need it. I think you needed this cat....

  2. You are so right! And I would have said at the time that it was the last thing we needed...


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