Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Cat's Mind: Goat's Milk?

Halley, the new cat, is as fascinated by the goats as she is by the horse. Last night while she was stalking Gus the horse, she also decided to have a closer look at the goats.

Arlene then decided to have a look at her.

Interesting that Halley understands that Arlene can't get through the fence at her. It takes a lot for a little cat to stand her ground with those horns coming at her.

The pictures aren't very good because the light was so low, but I'm so intrigued by the interactions. Our other cats have mostly pretended the horse and goats don't exist. Why is Halley so interested in them?

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  1. My goats have sent my cats airborne!

  2. Hello I stopped by from Pricilla's blog. I'm a few states away in Virginia, I have a thing for reading about goats. (I have 4 right now.)

    Enjoyed your posts. So sad about the kitty.


  3. Carolyn, thanks for stopping by! I love Pricilla's blog, especially the pictures of Kevin.

    Pricilla, I've been worrying about that, and even more so about the horse kicking her before she realizes he really doesn't want to play with her.

  4. We have a cat named DC. I don't think she knows she is a cat. She hates other cats with a passion but she loves the dogs and goats. Whenever we bring in a new goat we quarantine them for a month to make sure they do not have any illnesses they can pass on to our other goats. I try to buy goats two at a time so they do not have to be in the quarantine pen alone but that is not always possible.

    DC helps out though. She will spend hours a day in the pen with the new goat, just hanging out and keeping them company I guess. Maybe that is the reason all of our goats seem to like cats. Sometimes the goat kids get curious and will follow a cat around but they seem to learn from their parents that our cats are friends. None of our other cats other than DC has anything to do with the goats, but she just likes hanging out with them for some reason. She hangs out with the livestock guardian dogs and goats in their pasture all the time.


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