Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Cat Works It

When our new cat, Halley, showed up out of the blue, my husband and I agreed that she would be a barn cat, not an indoor cat. We have a 17-year-old house cat, Boot, who doesn't need the stress of a new indoor cat.

It took Halley a long time to even feel comfortable coming up onto the front porch.

My husband started to worry about her, though. She's a very small, delicate-boned cat, and she was outside at night with all the wildlife. So he started luring her into the garage at night with food.

Then one day this showed up in my computer room.

Hmm, our 17-year-old cat is declawed. What could we need a scratching post inside for?

I guess I should have seen this coming...

Yes, that's Halley, getting fed in the house. She comes in every day to eat now. She even uses that scratching post. (How on earth do cats know what they're for?)

Now here's the really funny part. We have a cat door in the door leading out to the garage, because that's where our other cat's kitty litter is. (And Halley is using it, of course.)

All our other cats have known instantly what a cat door is for. Halley knows what it's for too. It's for her to walk up to and stand in front of expectantly...and then for my husband to push open for her so she can get out.

Here she is waiting. My husband wouldn't let me photograph him opening it for her. I think he's afraid they'll take his man card away.

Sweetie, we need to talk...

(Actually, a man with a heart big enough to look out for a little stray cat? That IS my definition of a real man. I'd give him two man cards if it were up to me!)

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