Saturday, July 18, 2009

More House Pictures

A few more pictures of the house while I'm thinking of it. You might wonder why I'd include a picture of a bookcase? Well, a while back in our previous house, we got fed up with never being able to make the great room area look right, so we hired an interior decorator. It's not something I ever thought I'd do, but we had so much fun. They were wonderful ladies, and I'll never forget my husband's face when they told him that the couch needed to be moved to 'honor the angle of the fireplace.'

Unfortunately, right after they helped us get the old place looking great, we decided to move, so all that money and time was wasted, but they did show me how to stage a bookcase. Who knew that you don't just fill it up with books? This one houses my little hippo collection that started when my mother brought me a little stone hippo from a trip to Kenya. To my horror, I kept seeing hippos after that and buying them. I have no idea why. There are a lot more little collectible hippos in this world than you'd think.

Next we have my little computer and sitting area. It's supposed to be a dining room, but who would we be kidding? We don't sit at a table and eat.

I stole this rug. Not literally, of course. I was at a rug shop, saw it and fell in love. It's made by the Baluch, a group of nomadic tribes in the Iran/Afghanistan area, and is about 80 years old. I just had to have it, but the dealer said that a good friend of mine had been in the week before and had said she was bringing her husband back to see it. A good person would have waited to talk with her to see if she wanted to buy it.

I'm not a good person.

Sorry, Catherine!

This is the den. I wouldn't have painted those walls that green either, but I love it. (It's just wonderful that the house was already painted when we found it, because I wouldn't have chosen any of these colors and I love them all.) The pictures are ones my husband took of various places we've been.

I found a picture of the kitchen that doesn't make it look too messy. The cabinet doors are all being replaced over the next few weeks. The carpenter company didn't let them dry enough before bringing them into the house, which was still a construction site at that point, and dust got into the finish. Let's just say that trying to get that remedied has been unpleasant for all involved, since the company promptly went into bankruptcy. It should be fixed soon, though.

It's been a long hard road getting to the 'pictures on the walls' stage, and I can't tell you how happy I am to be at the point where I'm not embarrassed to post pictures! The landscapers came today to re-grade and put down grass seed, so we're getting there on the outside as well.
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