Friday, July 24, 2009

It's True...

The grass actually IS greener on the other side at our place.

Actually, most of it isn't grass, but very tasty weeds, to a goat at least. I'm always amazed to see one of the goats put her heads through the fence, and then pull it back out with ease, despite the horns. (Well, there was that time Ben the baby goat got his head stuck, but frankly, he was none too bright. Cute as could be, but not bright.)

Since I posted a depressing post about the goats this morning, I thought I'd mention that they do seem to have more energy since they were de-wormed. They're actually playing again, and running. We're hoping that's a good sign. It certainly can't be a bad sign!

I took today off of work for my husband's birthday, and what did I end up doing? Grooming the horse! Here he is toward the end of it. Doesn't he look great? I've read that the purpose of grooming a horse is to transfer all of the dirt and hair from him to you. If that's so, I'm a really good groomer....

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