Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Surprise...and Edible...Visitor

We were walking around the yard today, talking about possibilities. We walked over to a small cement slab where the previous owner had lived in a trailer while building the house. I've been using it for some potted plants that I brought from the other house, but haven't been over there in a while. We haven't decided what to do with that area and the weeds have grown up behind it.

We saw something odd...that little patch of greenish-white peeking out of the weeds.

A watermelon!

It's right where the trailer's front door was, so we're thinking maybe the previous owners ate watermelon there and dropped the seeds. There's only the one larger one, but it looks like there are the beginnings of others.

I didn't get a garden planted this year, so it looks like nature decided to help me out.
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