Saturday, July 18, 2009

Emma Marches On

After her kid, Ben, died, our goat Emma was forlorn for a while. She'd call for him, and then keep calling because he never answered.

I've been away this last week, and my husband tells me that she's gradually snapped out of it. Here's Emma enjoying a carrot.

She's the goat in the foreground below with the brown going all the way down her neck. She still tends to look around, and has trouble settling down to rest, but she seems to have come to terms with it in whatever way animals do.

I can't tell that the goats missed me while I was gone, but Gus the horse apparently did. Every time I go down there since I got back, he's right with me, and wants to nuzzle. Very sweet to get missed by a horse! Dangerous too -- I keep forgetting that sandals are not the footwear of choice when a horse wants to get up close and personal...

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