Friday, September 11, 2009

What We Saw On Our Evening Walk

My last post was about taking an evening walk with Gus the horse. It's a little difficult to concentrate when we're walking with him, because you have to watch your feet, which is -- oddly enough -- not conducive to good picture-taking.

But I got some pictures. Our native Beautyberries are flourishing. We have them everywhere, and their vibrant pink-purple berry clusters just make me happy.

Other wildflowers are spreading now. I have no idea what this is, with its little yellow flowers, but we have a lot of it.

We also have a pretty purple wildflower that is making this little fellow very happy.

And this enormous fellow is munching away for all he's worth on.....well, we never did figure out what this plant was.

I'm happy that all we have are weeds, so God's creatures can eat to their hearts' content, and we don't have to care.
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