Friday, September 25, 2009

What Are We - A Cat Magnet?

So I came home yesterday, and looked out on the deck to see if my husband was there. He wasn't, but my sister's cat was sound asleep on the deck.

Wait a minute. My sister's cat is 150 miles away.


That's not my sister's cat. It's a cat I've never seen before.

I found my husband and asked him when we got a new cat.

He said, "What?"

So it looks like we have a new cat.

His temporary name is Irving. See, we name our cats in alphabetical order, and it's "I" time.

We were a little worried about how he and Halley ("H") might get along, but I think it's going to work out. In the picture below, that's her passed out on the chair above, and him on the ground below. I couldn't go aside to take the picture because the instant he sees a person, he becomes a purring machine that has to be petted.

I'm guessing he's about 6 months old. We'll wait a bit to see if he stays, or if anyone comes to claim him, and then we'll start the vet procedures. He's an awfully sweet boy...but shhhh, please don't tell anyone that we keep cats that show up out of the blue. The word seems to be getting around....
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  1. Cats just know where they will be welcome....

  2. I like that much better than "cats know where the suckers live!" :->

  3. He's adorable and he looks young to me too. He also looks like he'll be a BIG boy when he's done growing.

    You have a very big heart.


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