Saturday, September 12, 2009

How Do You Weigh a Horse?

I've been describing Gus as a 1200-lb horse. Really, I just picked that number out of the air, since it seems to be a standard horse size.

Today we went to Tractor Supply and I got a weight-tape for horses. You pass it around their girth just behind the front legs, and it gives you a weight estimate. Gus is actually about 1050 lbs, and that should be a high weight for him, since he's had a lot of great pasture grass this summer. (When we got him at the end of last winter, you could see his ribs.)

We have to watch his weight because his previous owner tells us that he injured his hip in an accident some years ago, and too much weight will aggravate it.

The other thing I got at Tractor Supply was the perfect shovel for scooping goat poop out of the shed. Goat poop looks just like deer poop, and it passes right through the wider tines of our horse-poop shovel. I came home and used it, and it worked great.

Hmmm, the things that make me happy have certainly changed!

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