Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to Say 'I Love You' In Cat Language

Halley, the white cat we've had for about 6 weeks, has had about 48 hours to come to terms with having another new cat, Irving, in the house. Irving would hiss mildly at her at first, but then this morning when I tried to feed them at the same time, he leaned over and rubbed his head against hers. It was very sweet, though I have to say that he did take up the middle position at the two-bowl cat food dish, which I assume means "I eat first, girl" in cat language. She submitted and waited until he had finished.

Several times today, I've noticed her giving him very slow eye blinks. I was curious, so looked it up on the Internet, and it turns out that's how cats say "I love you" to each other...or at least, "I like you enough not to attack you," which of course is important information in a cat's world.

I was thinking how sweet it is that they like each other already. Then I remembered that neither is fixed yet.

All of a sudden I feel like the mother of a teenage girl who has foolishly invited a teenage boy to stay for a while.
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  1. :-) They are so adorable. I'm going to have to start blinking at Mountain Man now that I know it means I love you. Never knew that before.

  2. i already knew that. your story is so cute along with the pictures. I always do that to my cats and her eyes light up and she starts purring

  3. I have a cat at home and it's very "skypy"
    What can i do for that?

  4. well i was playing with my cat and he ran off for alittle bit he came runing to me and rubed agenst me


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