Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Cat Irving

Irving, the young cat who showed up unexpectedly on our back porch yesterday, got to come indoors a little earlier than we had planned, mainly because of this....

The vultures never hang out in that tree, and they were showing a disturbing interest in our back yard. We can't protect the ducks, but we brought all the cats in.

Unfortunately, Irving wasn't quite ready to become a house cat. Part of being a house cat is knowing what to do in kitty litter, and even though I showed it to him, it didn't quite dawn on him what it was for. So when he had to go, and didn't know what to do, he did something I wasn't expecting.

He peed on me.

He doesn't look like a cat that would pee in your lap, does he? Sigh.

I rushed him to the kitty litter and held him in it until I could almost literally see the light bulb going off over his dim little head, and he used it then. He also figured out the cat door pretty quickly, and he's learning what N-O means when he tries to claw the furniture.

He's a darling cat, unfortunate urinary incidents aside. He's a purring machine, a lap sitter, and a born house cat with no real interest in the outdoors. I'm happy he showed up, and that we were in a position to help him out.

It's going to take a while before he lives down that peeing thing, though.
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  1. Just found your blog! How cute! A woman after my own heart.... animals galore! I would love to have goats but, alas, one of my horses is petrified of them. PETRIFIED I say.



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