Saturday, October 31, 2009

Red Clay Stains on Goats

I've noticed that our white Boer goats have red clay stains on their coats, but I never thought about how that happened. Today I caught Arlene applying the red clay. She found a little clay hill and first dug in it to loosen it up.

Then she started applying it to her body.

She looked a little ungainly, but it was clearly a deliberate action.

After she finished, she moved away and bit at some itchy spots.

How'd you like to be this flexible?

This is obviously something we need to look into, since she's most likely self-medicating for a skin condition that's causing itchiness, but I just hadn't realized she was applying the red clay on purpose. Gus the horse rolls in the sand but I haven't seen the goats doing anything like that.

I tried to research itchy skin in goats on the Internet, but most of the information was about using goat milk soap for itchy skin in humans. I can certainly understand why we'd rather use that than the red clay...

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  1. My goats do this all the time. They dig a little hole and "do the worm" right through it.

    It's funny to look at. Mostly when they are either growing or shedding their hair. And when they are hot.

  2. Thanks! I was hoping you'd see this, since I figured you'd know the answer. Arlene's coat is coming in really thick right now, so I was thinking that might be the reason. (Emma's coat still feels the same, but Arlene's is really thick and soft.) I won't worry about it then...


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