Monday, October 12, 2009

Irving Update

Last time we checked in with Irving, the young cat someone dumped on our property a couple of weeks ago, he was living in the garage in disgrace after having peed on a guest bed.

Well, the mattress is still out in the garage, but Irving isn't. It turned colder and rainy here recently, and he still hasn't gotten over his cold, so now he's living in my sewing room, where he's warm and resting. He went back to the vet today because the cold isn't getting better, and he has a new antibiotic we're supposed to give him twice a day.

I've posted before about wondering what the animals think of the things we do for them. Irving the stray gets his own room, food brought to him, and his poop scooped. We go in and love him up regularly, and have spent more than a bit on vet bills. This is for a cat we didn't even know a little over two weeks ago.

Funny how it doesn't take long for an animal to steal your heart, isn't it?
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  1. Cats, and goats for that matter, are like that.

  2. Irving is adorable! Cats do show up when you live in the country! We have...18! We moved here with 5.
    I love your blog. How exciting to have such a change in life. Your animals are beautiful!

    Our horses were ok being out for two hours. Then ready to come back in the warm cozy barn! How lucky they are!!


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