Saturday, October 10, 2009

Duck Crazy

We bought three more ducks today. My husband found out that a flea market about an hour away often has ducks for sale, so we went and bought these little guys from Miss Joan the Chicken Lady, as she calls herself.

It's surprising hard to find ducks that are mature enough to release in a pond. If you buy them too small, the hawks and other predators will just eat them. We've been looking for a while for more ducks to add to the three we have already, so we were really happy to find these two males and a female. We hope they'll eventually get along with the others but right now they're huddled together as if we just brought them to Leavenworth Prison. I feel like I should be ordering them to line up for their mug shots.

This doesn't look like such a bad spot for a duck to live, does it? Unfortunately, they ran directly from the cage into the bushes around the pond, and I don't think they even know there's water out there!

Gus the horse was really interested in them. We had to lead him away to make sure he didn't accidentally step on them when they finally decide to leave the brush. The goats came to look at them too. I guess if you're a goat or a horse, life can be a little on the slow side, and any amusement is welcome.

I'm sure a good photographer would probably not have her own silhouette in the picture. Sigh.
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  1. The shadow falls where the sun says

  2. A friend of mine visited recently, and ALL her pictures came out better than mine. I really have to work on this.


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