Sunday, October 18, 2009

Irving Update II

It's a lazy Sunday here. Clear and bright, but quite cold for us (43 degrees this morning).

Most of the animals are taking it easy this morning. Halley has taken up her normal morning nap position in front of my husband's computer monitor. She appears to be relaxed. The goats are asleep in the pasture, and Gus the horse is just hanging out.

On the other end of the scale, we have new-cat Irving, who is recovering from a cold, and starting to feel like himself again. He's been shut up in my sewing room for a week, where he's been content mostly to sleep. It's warm and safe, but now that he's on the mend, it's small and boooooring. He's played with everything that can be played with (and everything that shouldn't be played with is shut up in a cabinet).

It's starting to get scary to go in there. He jumps up and searches you for anything that can be played with.

The blurry thing in front of his face is a piece of string. String is huge on Irving's list of 'things that need to be killed.' String is very serious business.

Isn't it nice to see him starting to feel better?

But how are we going to keep him entertained?

Note to self: Put cat toys -- lots of cat toys -- on the shopping list...
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  1. There is always a paper bag....
    I am glad he is feeling better.

  2. A paper bag! You're brilliant! Gee, you'd think I'd never had a cat before, wouldn't you?

    Our previous cat loved Q-tips. He could play with them for hours.

  3. He is so adorable and I'm glad he's feeling better. What about an old milk container to bat around?

  4. I think you should give him one of those little rings that come around an unopened milk jug. I used to have a cat that loved to play with those. When I was smaller, maybe 6, my cat would chew on the hair from those little Barbies you can get in Happy Meals. =^-^= Meow


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