Sunday, November 15, 2009

WannaBe Rider

It was a beautiful day here again today, so we decided to try saddling Gus and riding him. I got him saddled, and got on, but had the same problem with him refusing to move, or refusing to go in the direction I wanted him to go in. I decided that I must have saddled him wrong, because clearly he's a very good horse and he wouldn't just refuse to do what I asked him to do.

So I got off, and then my husband said, "I want to try." I was surprised, because he had already made it clear that he didn't want to ride. He mounted, and gave Gus the same signals I had given him. Gus immediately moved forward, and my husband was riding.


It was ME.

My husband got off, and said, "I could just tell he wasn't taking you seriously." I got back on, and urged him forward more decisively. Sure enough, he started to move.

We went for a ride halfway around the pond and back. The colors are incredible today. It was almost 80 degrees, with a soft breeze, and that crystal clear light that turns everything to gold.

So I still stink at riding, but I'm making progress. At least he goes forward when I ask him. That's kind of a low bar for success, I know, but it's definitely progress over last time.

Next step: riding lessons.

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  1. Ah, yes. They must know you are in charge and mean business. Horses can sense your emotions and your fear or uncertainty.

    Good luck!

  2. What's funny is that I didn't feel nervous or afraid. I think he must have been picking up on my uncertainty that I was doing everything right. I've been reading up on it all, and had it all in my head. My husband of course hasn't done all that research, since he wasn't planning to ride, so he just got up there and did it. It obviously made a difference.


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