Saturday, November 7, 2009

Big Teeth...and Snot

Can I use the word 'snot' in a blog? Can I show a picture of it?

There's really no other way to describe what Irving, our new abandoned kitty, did to the wall by my computer desk. A friend who was visiting recently and insisted on taking this picture was kind enough to illustrate the location of the huge lugy with that blue arrow. Irving hocked it up, spat it onto the wall, and then settled in for a little nap behind my computer monitor. (I picture him mentally saying, "There -- I've decorated it for you.")

Unfortunately, Irving isn't doing too well. He came down with the cold a few days after someone dumped him on our back porch, and is not recovering, despite several doses of increasingly stronger antibiotics. The vet sedated him yesterday and took a nasal swab to send off to a lab for diagnosis. You know your cat isn't doing well when they have to do that. He's probably the sweetest cat we've ever had, so we're hanging in there with him.

On a lighter note, the same friend got this really classy picture of Gus the horse. I'm pretty sure that the editors of some equine magazine will see this picture and want to put it on the cover, so I'll be monitoring my incoming e-mails for their offer.

The equine vet came last night to give Gus his vaccinations and deworm him. Contrary to what the (clearly doctored) picture above might imply about him, he was a gentleman and took it all calmly. The vet said he's the 'perfect weight for his age.'

I tried to get her to say the same about me, but she said she wasn't qualified to make that judgment. I think she was just trying to get out of it, personally.
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