Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ducks...Cats...Beautiful Day

My husband got some pictures of our new Muscovy duck that show off how beautiful he is.

Check out how the reflection in the picture below shows off Corky's red beak. I love the green tint to some of his feathers. He's really added a new element to the pond, compared to the relatively drab mallards.

Irving the cat came home today! I guess I never really said that he'd been gone. He spent the week at the vet's, getting mega-shots of antibiotics and trying to recover from whatever hellacious virus he's had that's lasted so long. We picked him up today, and he's much better. Now comes the task of reintroducing to our other cats, when they hardly had a chance to get to know each other to start with. Here he is below play-fighting with the other abandoned cat, Halley. At least, I hope that's play-fighting. There's no screaming involved, so I think it is.

It was a wonderful day here today...clear, sunny, and 75. You don't get many days like this....they're meant to be savored!

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