Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Monster is Gone

Well, I may be stretching the definition of monster a bit, but it's big and it's ugly and it's been sitting in the side yard for what feels like months.

It was holding the debris from the construction of the backyard cottage. (I'm calling it the backyard cottage now instead of the guest cottage because I found a whole book at the hardware store on 'backyard cottages.' We're trendy! Who knew?)

When the construction was done, the company came to get the dumpster...and refused to take it. The driver said that it was too heavy and would crack our new concrete driveway. We were a little worried, because we've dumped one or two...or a 100...things in there ourselves, but the builder came and realized one of his workers had dumped a load of dirt in it. Whew! The poor fellow had to come get it out, and then the dumpster went on its merry way.

The yard still needs a lot of work, but now we can actually do the work.

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